happy mother's day 2019 mother goose with chicksBlog

Happy Mother’s Day 2019

To all grandmothers and mothers, thank you for being our role models, for caring about the little things, and inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves. “My mother…
Parking Guy
May 12, 2019
happy pi day - first 50 digits of pi (approximately)Blog

Happy Pi Day 2019

Happy Pi Day. Here are some very interesting facts about Pi. There is a ton of information on the Internet related to its importance in math, in tradition, in beliefs,…
Parking Guy
March 14, 2019
clever map of the united states with candy purchasing behavior revealed state by stateBlog

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 is really cool. They created a Top Valentine’s Day Candy by State Map for the United States. The map is included below. Scroll over a state to see the…
Parking Guy
February 14, 2019