15 Tips to Winterize Your Car

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As we near winter, here are some top tips to keep you safe and keep your car running smoothly in the upcoming cold weather.

There a numerous sites, providing a variety of suggestions. We pulled tips from various websites and shared them below*.

From Bridgestone Tire

  1. Keep your window washer fluid full
  2. Service your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations
  3. Keep your rear-window defroster in excellent working order

From Consumer Reports

  1. Ensure you windshield wipers are in excellent working condition
  2. Ensure your battery is in good shape
  3. Keep your floormats clean to ensure long life to your car’s carpet

From Nationwide Insurance

  1. Ensure your heater is in good working condition. Test it now before you need it in the cold weather
  2. Check your lights and your bright lights
  3. Check the light’s lens covers. Ensure they are clean and clear

From Different Websites

  1. Perform a maintenance review on your car. Ensure everything is in good working order. You may even want to mention to the service professionals that you want the car looked at in preparation for the upcoming winter season
  2. Pack a winter safety kit in your trunk. Include such items as a flashlight with fresh batteries, a blanket, a shovel, flares/safety triangles, first aid kit, matches, ice scraper, battery jumper cable, fire starting materials, hand crank radio, and non perishable food and water. [Please perform your own research on what to include in your own safety kit as we are not safety experts]
  3. Maintain proper tire pressure
  4. Keep your gas tank at least half full
  5. Wash your car periodically, especially after the road crews spray salt
  6. Clean snow completely from your car

* The tips above are provided for information purposes only. OCP staff are not car specialists. Please seek the advice of an authorized service center if in doubt. Safety should be your number one priority.

Photography Source:  Wikimedia Commons

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