15 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

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As we near summer, here are some top tips to keep you safe and keep your car running smoothly in the upcoming hot weather.

There a numerous sites, providing a variety of suggestions. We pulled tips from various websites and shared them below*.

From AutoTrader

  1. Fluid. Check the level of coolant fluid
  2. Hoses. Inspect the condition of your hoses and coolant reservoir. “Keep an eye out for leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block. Also, squeeze the hoses (when the engine is cool) every once in a while to make sure they feel firm and not excessively squishy or soft”
  3. Wipers. Check/replace your windshield wipers

From Edmunds

  1. A/C. Check your air/conditioning system
  2. Battery. Check for corrosion on your battery terminals. If you see any, seek the advice of an authorized service center
  3. Clean. “Wash and wax the car.  Road salt and grime from melted snow are hard on your car’s clear coat, paint, and undercarriage. The summer is the best time to give your vehicle a detailing”

From NAPA Auto

  1. Road trip? “Check your jack and spare tire: Many assume if the spare’s never been used, it’s good to go. Don’t make that mistake. As with the other tires, make sure it’s properly inflated. Also, be sure your jack is in the right place. And it’s good idea to try it out before you leave to see if it works.”
  2. Key fobs. Have you changed the batteries? If it’s been a while, now’s the time
  3. First aid kit. Swap out winter supplies for summer supplies. Examples include:  sunscreen, sunburn gel, insect repellent, Epipen for emergencies, and allergy medicine

From Different Websites

  1. Service your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations
  2. Keep your car cooler with a windshield shade
  3. Supplies. Generally, no matter where you live, summer temperatures can be pretty high. Be prepared. Add some water, non-perishable food, sunglasses, and whatever else is important based on where you live and the expected climate
  4. Batteries. Replace the batteries to your flashlights
  5. Steering Wheel. Put a towel in your car to cover the steering wheel during hot days. This will keep your steering wheel cool.
  6. Tires. Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a car. According the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), only one out of 10 drivers checks his or her tire pressure correctly.

* The tips above are provided for information purposes only. OCP staff are not car specialists. Please seek the advice of an authorized service center if in doubt. Safety should be your number one priority.

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